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Ajmal Pahaari discloses ...MQM

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  1. zingaro

    I don't know if someone has shared this information here or not but I have received today this report and sharing here with you guys.

    MQM-Altaf was behind 2009 ‘Ashura Bombings’
    MQM – Indian agent ‘Ajmal Pharee’ confessed to Joint Investigation Team

    By Dr Shahid Qureshi
    Sunday 03 April 2011

    MQM- Altaf terrorist and Indian agent Ajmal Pharee confessed to the Joint Investigation Team of (ISI, IB, Military Intelligence, CID, Special Branch etc) that, “MQM-Altaf was behind the ‘Asura Bombings of 2009’ in Karachi. He confessed to the team that he and other MQM city workers were ordered to wear black Shia mourning clothes on the day in a meeting called three days before the Ashura bombings. The orders were to burn the shops and businesses in and around Light House as well as kill the people. The shop owners of that area refused to give extortion money to the MQM-Altaf. These burnings caused losses of billions to the poor Pakistanis and shop owners in Karachi”.

    Mustafa Kamal billionaire - poor former mayor of Karachi become abusive when London Post report published on 31st December 2009, was quoted that, ‘MQM was involved in Karachi bombings with black water’, in a live program by famous anchor Talat Hussain. Faces of the looters were visible on CCTVs footages still available on youtube.

    MQM – Altaf terrorist and high value asset Ajmal Pharee also confessed to the JIT that he has received terrorist training in New Delhi from five Indian Army officers. During this training he was informed about Altaf Hussain’s desire to separate Karachi from Pakistan. Altaf Husain is a British Citizen and considered as high value asset by some analysts.

    Ajmal Pharee also confessed murdering 55 people as well as receiving training in India by Indian security agencies. In a video statement he said, “I joined MQM in 1988 arrested in 1989 for fire arms offences imprisoned for one year. He was arrested and sentenced for five years again in 2000 for murdering Iqbal Raad, lawyer of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He told the JIT that his handler Nadeem Nusrat is based in MQM – Altaf’s London Secretariat and inner circle man of Altaf Hussain. Ajmal Pharee told the JIT that, ‘Nadeem Nusrat told him to escape from Pakistan to Singapore in 1996 with Zeshan a MQM worker’. He stayed in the Mustafa Market Hotel on his instructions in Singapore, where he was given Singapore Airline tickets and Indian visas by Jamil aka Jimi who lives in South Africa. They travelled to Delhi, stayed there for 15 days and later received terrorist training for one month in a near by jungle by five Indian army officers. He also met other MQM-Altaf workers Noora of Shah Faiasl Colony, Zafar Tension of Buffer Zone, Raju of Nazim-a-Bad, Shakir Chota of Orangi Town. He received terrorist training of AK-47, RPG, MP-5 LMG, hand grenades. He was transported to India-Pakistan border inserted in from Chawanda area of Shakr Gurh (Sialkot) in Pakistan. They later went to Lahore and than Karachi”, said Ajmal Pharee in his confessions.

    On 31st December 2009, The London Post, exclusively published the story “Blackwater and MQM’s Hallmarks on Karachi Fire – Bombings”. The above confession by the MQM Terrorist now confirm that MQM – Altaf was behind the fire bombing and criminal damage in Karachi.

    "MQM and Blackwater/Xe are US sponsored mafia style mercenary outfits due to their management structure as it is almost the same both groups’ chiefs are out of Pakistan to start with. There is no difference between Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and MQM because both are sponsored by India and USA. Sawat type operation against MQM’s ‘Clean Shaven Taliban’ who are supporting Blackwater/Xe is a must because people will support.

    The recent bombings of a religious procession in Karachi and fire bombings of small businesses miles away from the incident reportedly owned by mostly Sunni Tableghie Jamat a non violent religious group, got all the hall marks of ‘private mercenaries’ Blackwater with the support of MQM. According to reports it is physically not possible for any one attending the procession to go miles away, get special fire bombing chemicals and equipment to set fire 300 hundred shops in Bolton Market. It is only possible if one already knows the timing of the bombings and part of the plot. They targeted a Sunni areas where it is almost impossible for an angry ‘Shia protestor’ to reach from the crime scene keeping in the view the distances. So Shia procession was bombed, Sunni business were burnt down and MQM’s fire engines did not arrive. Seems perfect Blackwater Inc style operation?

    Blackwater, MQM’s Plus plan was meticulous and well timed. (a) Timing of the bombing few days before the end of the term of City Government Term. So City Government building burnt down with the record to cover-up corruption? (b) Selection of the venues to be fire bombed (c) Torching of Light House Market predominantly owned by the Pashtuns who did not pay extortion money to the MQM – Score settled, Job done (d) Torching of Bolton Market mostly business are owned by peaceful Sunni Muslims Memon Community. They refused to be relocated outside the city because shops worth millions. High ups of the current regime allegedly President Zardari & Co had interest in the land to develop and build flats and plazas. (Job done) (e) Why MQM leaders both reportedly Shias Haider Abbas Rizvi and Faisal Sabzwari not in the Ashura procession? (f) Why police and rangers did not stop the arsonists and terrorists? (g) Who ordered them not to act? (h) Remote control bomb was planted in an ambulance which might be carrying a head too? (i) Who is Hasham Al-Zafar (central) and what is his role in the bombing and burning of Karachi? (j) What is his relationship with Saleem Shezad alleged master mind of the operation and why he only reports to Altaf Hussain?

    MQM and Blackwater/Xe are US sponsored mafia style mercenary outfits due to their management structure as it is almost the same both groups’ chiefs are out of Pakistan to start with. MQM are the local collaborators of Blackwater/Xe in Pakistan?

    According to sources similar kinds of chemicals and fire bombing equipments have been used in Iraq and Lebanon. Pakistan’s security agencies must look into the links between MQM lead City Government and Blackwater. What kind of assistance they are providing to the mercenaries. City mayor Syed Mustafa Kamal and Governor Sind Dr Ashrat Abad Khan recently visited sensitive institutions of the USA related to protection of US national interests aboard. Why would a mayor of a third world country visit US State Department? Did he inform Pakistani’s foreign ministry? He is on the grooming list. “To his credentials it was Mustafa Kamal who opened the door for the assassins came to kill his ‘uncle’ Azeem Ahmed Tariq, leader of the MQM, as it was an inside job. It sounds like nephew shopped his ‘uncle’ according to a source.

    Altaf Hussain’s MQM and his mafia have caused more economic and human losses to Pakistan by strikes and terrorist activities then three wars with India. After the incident on Monday December 28, 2009, three thousand shops were burnt; one thousand were burnt after looting which caused loss of Rs. 60 billion to Pakistani economy. Armed men stopped fire engines for over three hours according to reports. Why?

    Elements close to MQM were also allegedly involved in the terrorism, arson, and killings after tragic death of Benazir Bhutto on 27th December 2007. Many analysts believe that it was a dry run by the foreign sponsored elements to separate Karachi from the rest of the country. There is another dimension to the burring of some markets with small business. Some people from land mafia were making hostile offers to these old pre partition businesses.

    There are reports that MQM has issued thousands of arms licences to its workers and sympathisers in Karachi and some of the licences might have been issued from other provinces. Disarming of the terrorist groups including MQM in Karachi is necessary to avoid future blackmails.

    It is also reported that armed gunmen did not allow fire engines to leave the fire stations. All the fire engines and security cameras are under the control of City Government run by MQM whose leader Altaf Hussain controls this group in a mafia style. Within minutes he blamed ‘Taliban’ for the bombings. How did he know it was Taliban and not Indian RAW or Blackwater/Xe? Altaf Hussain deliberately tried to make this a sectarian issue in his live TV broadcast on a news channel, which matches the agenda of private mercenaries and India.

    Asia Times Online reported few years ago during Musharraf era, sources says that, “only US diplomatic intervention stopped General Musharraf from taking strong action against the MQM after he received the report on the recent unrest in which the MQM was implicated. Washington indeed has a powerful southern ally in Pakistan’. After September 11, the United States identified even more with the MQM as it was the only party in Pakistan that widely mourned the attacks on the US, openly condemned the Taliban and al-Qaeda, and launched a powerful campaign in support of the US attack on Afghanistan”.

    When President Zardari speak about ‘non state & political actors’, probably he also meant Altaf Hussain too? His long distance proactive and dramatic telephonic speeches are more or less what Lord Nelson said, “If you can’t baffle them with brilliance, dazzle them with ****!". He is never been to Pakistan for more then 15 years but did travel to India on his British passport. Most of the members in mafia style ‘Rabita Committee’ are wanted by Pakistani authorities for heinous crimes. He hides behind this ‘kangaroo committee’.

    A political analyst said, ‘to get ‘poodle status’ in US administration Altaf Hussain exaggerates things beyond imagination. For example, he claimed his supporters in Karachi increased by 10 million in just two years because he claimed to have 20 million supporters in an interview with Edgware Times in November 1998. But in 2001 MQM claimed to have 30 million supporters when MQM send a fax to Reuters on 22 September 2001. "(MQM leader) Altaf Hussain has offered the unconditional support of over 30 million MQM supporters to the U.S. president and the international community," its London-based international secretariat said in a statement faxed to Reuters on September 22, 2001”.

    According to sources, ‘Altaf group is planning and preparing for armed fight with other groups in Karachi. There might be a plan to divide Karachi on ethnic zones as Rehman Malik mentioned in Dera Ismail Khan? The alleged transfer of money from Karachi to London, Germany, Dubai, South Africa, Canada, and United States is alarming. There reports of increase in the arms sale in Karachi seem serious but what are the authorities doing?

    So what is Altaf Hussain up to that is a crucial question to political and security leadership to think about. His alleged close links with the Indian agency and also acting like a mercenary force getting orders from foreign masters. It is time for the government of Pakistan to approach its friends and allies to have a clear cut answers about the real Agenda in Pakistan? Crimes of Altaf Hussain and his party MQM are so heinous that he wouldn’t dare step in Karachi even the whole period of Musharraf and now Zardari rule?

    Until November 1998 Government of Pakistan was reportedly seeking extradition of Altaf Hussain who was said to be wanted in 50 murders and 150 cases of kidnapping and arson. He said in an interview with a newspaper in 1998, "It is my wish that they take me to trial in a British court then I will tell people nationally and internationally what has been happening in Pakistan." It was Altaf Hussain and MQM who issued a memo to his workers saying,” if there was war between India and Pakistan, MQM workers will be remain neutral”. Why?

    MQM’s deputy chief organiser of district Thatta and his wife were arrested by the police for trafficking 120 kilos of A class drugs according to a press report on 16th May 2004. Mohamed Ibrahim and his wife Ayesha Soho who is also member of district government were coming from Bolan area of Baluchistan on Jeep number BC 1248 when they were stopped by Dadar Police who discovered 180 kilos of HASH worth millions of from the secret compartments of the jeep. Police has registered a case number 13/2004 report against deputy chief of MQM and his wife for drug trafficking. Area in charge SHO of the area Police confirmed that suspects have confessed they have been also involved in arms trafficking from Kabul and been to Afghanistan three times. Both were sent to Sibi Jail in Baluchistan.

    “MQM has been funded with the drug money apart from the extortion money taken from the top businessmen in the name of support” according to a report published by

    The Frontier Post published on December 25, 1998. The report says, “… What is more alarming is that the Narco dollars have been used for funding the (MQM), a responsible source in the provincial government said. He added that such funding was tantamount to fuelling terrorism.” Is the Narco-terror funding still on?

    By joining as local collaborator of Blackwater in Karachi MQM has provided the eyes and ears on the ground with smart guns. Even if US-India sponsored ‘Pakistani Taliban’ claim responsibility of Karachi Ashura bombings, the chemicals and smart guns used in burnings of the over 6000 small businesses and loss of Rs. 60 billion have all the hallmarks of Blackwater/Xe.

    "There is no difference between Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and MQM because both are sponsored by India and USA. Sawat type operation against MQM’s ‘Clean Shaven Taliban’ who are supporting Blackwater/Xe is a must because people will support.”

    People must congratulate interior minister Sindh Zulifqar Mirza for his bravery in dealing with MQM-Altaf terrorists on the instructions of President Zardari. The recent murder of the nephew of imprisoned MQM-Haqaqi leader Amir Khan is a clear sign that MQM-Altaf is losing control of the city and panicking. Sooner or later upon the release of the confession videos of the MQM target killers stating the orders were coming from London by allegedly a British Citizen will put British establishment into legal dilemmas as exporting terrorism to Pakistan as well as harbouring terrorists?

    “26 target killers belong to MQM-Altaf Hussain based in London said”, Home Minister Zulifqar Mirza who considered as the right hand man of President Zardari and Rehman Malik left hand man. Every one knows what most people do with their left hand in Pakistan?

    (Dr Shahid Qureshi writer on foreign policy & security based in London)

    Posted 4 years ago on 06 Apr 2011 9:20 #
  2. zingaro

    One thing more I would like to submit is that every one has the right to criticize the contents of this report. I personally don't know much about the writer but I only know that a guy named Ajmal Paharee was arrested and is under custody.

    Posted 4 years ago on 06 Apr 2011 9:28 #
  3. MQM has faced these kind of purportedly in previous time also i will not aware about this guy but i know why this kind of imputation fixed by MQM it will just dirty politics to stymie MQM entry in punjab and malign for there way.

    dr,shahid is present a fake report

    Posted 4 years ago on 06 Apr 2011 10:35 #
  4. Anonymous

    I dont think anybody has the right to stop anyone from going anywhere. MQM can go anywhere in Pakistan since we consider them Pakistanis.

    The problem is the other way around. MQM dint let Imran Khan enter Karachi as if Karachi was their daddies jageer. Times have changed, MQM has had a decent pounding at the hands of ANP and Sunni tehreek and now the same Karachi is shrinking for them.

    Now they're protesting against bhatta khori. =))

    Ajmal pahari ka kissa doesnt seem far from reality.

    There is a reason altaf doesnt come back to Pakistan. Whats keeping him? These dirty secrets, these Ajmal Paharis are what keep him away from Pakistan.

    He was working against the state of Pakistan, conspiring Jinnahpur with his bharti masters. That is why Allah(SWT) nay Pakistan kee matti is pay haram kar di hai. Yeh chahay b to nai saa sakta, bilkul wesay he jesay dajjal chah k bhi makka Madina nai jaa sakay ga.

    I hope you dont get the same fit, but we have absolutely nothing against Mohajirs. They deserve a better leadership.

    Posted 4 years ago on 06 Apr 2011 12:26 #
  5. Dusky

    So "Ummat" change it's name to "thelondonpost"

    When will they learn hoggish stories like this never fly.

    Posted 4 years ago on 06 Apr 2011 15:06 #
  6. quaidkamazaar

    hahaha thats a hilarious news item.

    sounds like one of those conspiracies that usually emerge from the brain of Zaid Hamid.

    Posted 4 years ago on 06 Apr 2011 15:18 #
  7. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    London Post is not even a credible newspaper to start with. It looks like backend of JI:)

    Posted 4 years ago on 06 Apr 2011 22:30 #
  8. zingaro

    I wrote in the beginning that anyone can criticize the report but my question to all MQM lovers is that

    1- Is/Was Ajmal Pahaaree a worker of MQM? Or he has been expelled due to his "doubtful" character?

    2- How much is the truth about shooting squad of MQM residing in South Africa?

    3- Was there any word "BQM" associated with the murder of Dr. Imran Farooq? I hope you know what i mean.

    Look try to give simple answer and don't go away of the topic as the purpose is to present truth only.

    Posted 4 years ago on 07 Apr 2011 7:13 #
  9. quaidkamazaar

    i never heard of this guy ajmal pahaaree or some sort of shooting squad in South Africa.
    btw, what is BQM?

    Posted 4 years ago on 07 Apr 2011 7:22 #
  10. zingaro

    QKM ... :) I can just smile on your lack of knowledge. If you really don't know then better resign from MQM or ask your top notches.

    Posted 4 years ago on 07 Apr 2011 7:23 #
  11. quaidkamazaar

    "resign"? i was never a worker to begin with :)
    only supporter sirjee,,, only supporter/voter

    Posted 4 years ago on 08 Apr 2011 0:37 #
  12. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    Before making false claims about MQM, you need to have your facts straight. The South Africa stuff you are talking about involves Daud Ibrahim aka Mumbai Don and now Karachi Don, ex PPP terrorists related to AZO and PSF and other criminal elements involve in running gambling dens in Karachi and across Pakistan.
    I will find and post a link related to India Times but in the meantime get acquainted with your ISI B A S T A R D, Daud Ibrahim, another ghunda of your state terrorist government

    Besides do tell, who is the Editor of London Times where you quoted this article from. Must be those lowlifes who can't find jobs so start churning newspapers for quick and cheap publicity and of course monetary gains.

    Posted 4 years ago on 08 Apr 2011 1:42 #
  13. saladin89

    What I cannot understand is why is MQM expanding there party, they can't look after there own backyard, and moving to other provinces.


    Posted 4 years ago on 08 Apr 2011 1:46 #
  14. Imran Qadri

    These Pahari bakray arrested recently also belong to MQM..Their ring leader Faisal Mota reportedly managed to flee to south africa(govt should get all these MQM Altaf's absconding murders extradited )

    the police arrested Faisal alias Nafseeyati, Syed Mohammed Ali Rizvi, Shahrukh alias Mani, Naveed alias Polka and Shakeel Sheikh and recovered arms and a snatched car.


    Investigation officials refused to investigate from target killer

    KARACHI: The 18 investigation officials of Karachi police have refused to investigate from notorious criminal Adnan Shahnawaz known as Ajmal Pharai involved in more than 100 incidents of target killing.

    Panic by the heinous criminal role of notorious Adnan Shahnawaz known as Ajmal Pharai, the 18 investigation officers have refused to investigate from him while the name list of the officials have been dispatched to CCPO Karachi.

    The arrest of Ajmal Pahari self-confessor of 58 target killings, has been shown in 18 cases while no investigation officer is ready to investigate for remaining cases. It is interesting that several officials have not yet face to face with Ajmal.

    According to Karachi police sources, Ajmal is involved in heinous crimes as Sindh Secretariat case, Batul Hamza attack case, Aftab Malik leader of Bahari Qomi Movement murder case, Iqbal Raad prosecutor to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, murder case.

    The criminal is on judicial remand from 25th March to 5th April but the police showed his arrest only in 18 cases.

    It is important to mention here that Ajmal has confessed to 58 murders from 2005 to 2010 before joint investigation team comprising MI, IB, Rangers, FIA and police in audio and video statements.

    The investigation officials are from 18 police stations including Orangi town, Pakistan bazar, Iqbal market, Momin Abad, Pak colony, Sirjani town, New Karachi, Nazim Abad, Liaqat Abad and Bilal colony.

    Posted 4 years ago on 08 Apr 2011 21:42 #
  15. AzH

    بغل میں چھری اور منہ پر رام رام

    Posted 4 years ago on 08 Apr 2011 21:52 #
  16. AzH

    Posted 4 years ago on 08 Apr 2011 21:55 #
  17. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    And your police force consisted of saints and angels, right! Fool someone else! These mo-fu police personnels are criminal thugs; they are involved in dacoity, murders and every other perceievable or non-perceiveable criminal acts. So don't show us they are the most righteous. If they die that way, they deserve it. Haram moat martay hain yah haramzaday.

    Posted 4 years ago on 08 Apr 2011 22:28 #
  18. Imran Qadri

    Well obviously criminal gang's apologist like you won't realize how much of a thankless job policing actually is,still if you don't trust police force then we could try "Patriotic Generals" to clean up MQMized filth..

    محب وطن جرنیل

    Posted 4 years ago on 08 Apr 2011 22:37 #
  19. saladin89

    Is Altaf Bhai a bigger Don than Daud Ibrahim?

    What relationship, if any have these 2 don's got?

    These 2 are a very dangerous combination............

    Posted 4 years ago on 08 Apr 2011 22:42 #
  20. Imran Qadri

    Well there is no relationship as such other then Altaf copying Dawood Ibrahim's tactics and replicating them here in Karachi,Dawood is India's enemy number one and India suspects ISI is supporting Dawood to create unrest in India,while India in retaliation on the other hand supports this absconding MQMized criminal Altaf Bi to mess up and create unrest in Karachi.

    Badmashi wise and financially Dawood has an edge but lately Indians managed to get him added to UN's terrorist watch list,since then he is keeping low profile, unlike our absconding MQMized criminal Altaf Bi who despite openly butchering thousands of innocent karachiites(even on live tv just like on 12th may in front of billions of viewers around the world) continues to live a luxurious life with impunity ..

    Posted 4 years ago on 08 Apr 2011 22:51 #
  21. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    Oh so you must have celebrated when Mayor Afghani got his aarse kicked on M.A.Jinnah Road by your beloved Police force:) These criminals were active way long before MQM's inception. Their rishwatkhoori is a well-known fact; it seems like I found your soft spot. You must be related to someone in the force hence defending those rapists, murderers and extortionist thugs.

    If it is a thankless, why don't they leave it; there are thousands of people may deserve that job. Well it is not thankless after all or is it. It comes with its fringe benefits i.e. rishwatkhoori. I can say, 99% police force is corrupt to the core, and bravo to people like you for defending them. The so-called hypocrite God-fearing cadre. I am forseeing you will chuck out some hadith next time from your back pocket, you guys are known for that: first commit crime and then play the last rite: complete package.

    I have known lots of Jamaatis for reaping these fringe benefits in Customs, Excise, PIA, ASF, Police and whatnot,
    wherever they can get their handfuls they are there.

    Jahan dekhi turi waheen bichie dari:)

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 1:34 #
  22. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    There is something common between your leader and Don Ibrahim: ISI. Go fetch the fact.

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 1:35 #
  23. saladin89

    @rizwan qaimkhani

    U are a **** taker

    U are trying to compare a butterfly and a crocodile.

    Now figure that one out.


    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 2:56 #
  24. @Qaimkhani

    You are a sorry @$$ loser!!

    I pity you, the whole freaking world knows your fat ugly leader is a GHQ toady and you are blaming others??

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 3:00 #
  25. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    Only time will tell! Besides 17 years and 1 seat, you tell me who is the loser? aarse hanging losers—all of you, the funny thing is that gutless loser has been fooling you all along and none of you have any insight.

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 3:15 #
  26. Yeah what happened to the Jalsa in Lahore?

    MQM couldn't gather any body so now they are making it an all party Jalsa by inviting everyone, even JI to hide the embarrasment???

    Oh BTW, PMLQ which is a GHQ run party accepted the invitation, LOL!!

    Let's see how anti-establishment kaalia is now?

    Shame on you idiots!!

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 3:27 #
  27. Ugly f@rt Babbar Ghori came to PTI offices yesterday begged them to come the Jalsa, and he was told to ef off!!

    Have you no shame!!

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 3:28 #
  28. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    Why you always go down to personal attack? It is rhetorical question. You can't even make an argument, so you try to hide your personal embrassement by attacking other posters personally. It definitely like PTI's policy. Well, if it is up to me to decide MQM's direction, I would let the whole country drown. I am like hard-core Quebecor–nationalist.

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 3:38 #
  29. Where was the personal attack in any of my posts?

    Quebeccor nationalist? and what ethnic group do you represent in Pakistan? FYI Rajputs aren't an ethnic group?

    Are you gunning for Rajputana in Pakistan?

    Look buddy your people came to Pakistan after partition and they were undoubtedly more educated and learned than most of inhibatants of Pakistan, your ilk was treated badly in Karachi, but look at us as a nation, is there any ethnic group that is better of then others?

    Pushtoons are being slaughtered, Balochs are being killed, Punjabis are committing suicides because of poverty, Kashmiri are divided, frustrated and see no future, Sindhis feel deprived?

    What makes you think your troubles are any worse than others?

    I hate nationalists based on ethnic groups!!

    Quebecois are morons, they have hijacked this whole country because of their idiocy and do remember they were rejected by their own people in a referendum!!

    Unity is strength and I truly believe that!!

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 3:45 #
  30. AzH

    Do you know how to be personal?
    Look at your reponse on other posts.

    Shame on you.

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 3:54 #
  31. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    Well, is calling someone 'idiot' way of showing affection in your clan? If it is, next time I will bring the best name calling practice.

    Besides not understanding something in depth and issuing fatwas are sign of ignorance; your mental capacity does not allow you to fathom the Quebec issue so why bother. Besides, I am a born Karachiites and a Muhajir nationalist. I don't need certification from you about my belonging and directives for my actions. Capish!

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 4:00 #
  32. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    Do you want me to be personal with you?

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 4:01 #
  33. Mohajir nationalist?

    What a joke?

    So Jinnahpur was real??

    I think I would know about Quebecois more than you!!

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 4:02 #
  34. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    There is a difference between nationalist and separatist, but what do you understand!

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 4:04 #
  35. Salam

    مجھے تو یہ سمجھ نہیں آتی کہ ہجرت کرنے والوں کو قوم کیوں کہا جاتا ہے، زیادہ ہجرت تو پنجاب میں ہوئی لیکن وہ تو مہاجر نہیں

    گجرات والے بھی مہاجر نہیں، صرف یو پی والے ہی کیوں قوم بن گئے؟

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 4:06 #
  36. Enlighten me babe!!

    I am dying to hear your dukh bhari dastan of muzalims done on you by JI who btw are majority Mohajirs themselves?

    What is your ultimate goal?

    And why is Altaf calling for Qaumi yek jehthi and drone attacks and Aafia etc?

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 4:10 #
  37. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    Do some research since you believe in it! I believe you will get the answer.

    I put you on snooze, you are not worth talking and quite frankly below the level of ignorance. You can never be cured so my suggestion to you is to keep it up whatever you are doing, soon you will loose remaining brain cells.

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 4:16 #
  38. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    Do some research since you believe in it! You will get the answer.

    I put you on snooze, you are not worth talking and quite frankly below the level of ignorance. You can never be cured so my suggestion to you is to keep it up whatever you are doing, soon you will loose remaining brain cells.

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 4:17 #
  39. Yeah, put me on snooze cause you have no guts to face the real music!!

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 4:18 #
  40. Anonymous

    so you try to hide your personal embrassement by attacking other posters personally

    No offense but this was hilarious Rizwan. What happened in the aftermath of 12th May? What you're accusing of us is infact what mqm is known for.

    Be fair atleast .. if anything.

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 7:05 #
  41. quaidkamazaar

    lol dell your quality of thought is really very low

    as soon as someone says muhajir nationlist, jinnahpur comes to your mind.... while there is a big difference between nationalist and separatist. i wish you had more maturity in your thoughts and ways of discussion.

    Posted 4 years ago on 09 Apr 2011 22:40 #
  42. Salam

    رضوان قائمخانی صاحب

    آپ کے خیال میں کیا میں نے بغیر تحقیق کے دریا کو کوزے میں بند کیا ہے؟

    اور کسی کو سمجھ آئے نہ آئے ایک یو پی والے کو ضرور آنی چاہئے


    Posted 4 years ago on 10 Apr 2011 4:22 #
  43. Rizwan Qaimkhani

    Salam sahab,
    I am not from UP or Hyderabad but my grandmother with my father hailed from Rajisthan. So it would be wrong for me to answer that question.
    However my best guess is because the people who have crossed the border in Punjab from the Eastern Punjab were identically the same in terms of spoken language, culture, race and the sectarian beliefs. They faced comparably less problem at new place. As for the people coming from other part of India underwent a cultural shock due to every possible difference with the local population. Existing local culture of the time was not advanced or at par with what the UP folks grew up with. They were not in-tuned with tribal politics and had an outlook well beyond cultural politics. So consider this, if we go to UK, USA or Canada as immigrant, we tend to adopt and assimilate with the host culture because of it is being advanced and It is only natural. So to your question, I'd like to pose a question to you in response; if you get a chance for whatever reason to go live in Somalia and assimilate in their culture, would you be able to do that?

    Posted 4 years ago on 10 Apr 2011 4:41 #
  44. Salam

    جی ہاں جواب بلکل درست ہے

    گجراتی بھی یہاں موجود تھے تو جب ہجرت کر کے آئے تو گھل مل گئے، اسی طرح پنجاب میں بھی گھل مل گئے، البتہ اردو والوں کے لئے یہاں کوئی جان پہچان ہی نہ تھی

    نہ سیاسی حلقہ نہ سیاسی رہنما، لہٰذا وہ احساس محرومی کا شکار ہو گئے

    خیر کہنے کا مقصد یہ تھا کہ جو آج اپنے آپ کو مہاجر قوم کہتے ہیں وہ تو اصل میں ہجرت کر کے آنے والوں میں ایک اقلیت ہیں، باقی مہاجر تو مہاجر نہیں رہے لیکن یہ آج بھی مہاجر ہی رہ گئے، جس کی وجہ صرف و صرف سیاسی محرومی تھی

    سیاسی کھیل


    Posted 4 years ago on 10 Apr 2011 4:50 #
  45. quaidkamazaar

    I think we should accept the fact that muhajir or "urduspeaking" nation is a unique ethnicity of Pakistan that deserves the right to preserve their identity.

    balochis, sindhis, punjabis, pushtoon have a unique heritage... similarly this 5th ethnicity has a distinct heritage based on similar experiences and traits. the term "urduspeaking" is a lighter term and i dont think it is wrong to call someone that.

    Posted 4 years ago on 10 Apr 2011 6:09 #
  46. zingaro

    I feel the actual topic has been left far behind and people started discussing on off the topic things.

    I asked about BQM and QKM said he does not know. I don't know why he was trying to be innocent, while in another thread Anwer Kamal wrote about BQM as what Altaf & Co. did with BQM.

    Then RQkhani started to comment on the news but eventually burst out on police. I don't know whey he could not dare to say that police must investigate with Ajmal and must not get afraid. Every one can see that whose sympathies with whom.

    Now this news has not been disappeared. QKM and RQ Khani .. you must be ready as the stories of killers are going to be published in main stream news papers. This time it will not be any london post and its editor but the biggest media group. This will again push MQM to refurbish ties with Zardari & Co. ..bechari MQM ... chaahey bhi to PPP ka sath nahi chor sakti ...

    Posted 4 years ago on 11 Apr 2011 15:01 #
  47. quaidkamazaar

    zingaro bhai, i still repeat that i have never heard of this guy ever before. i am not part of MQM and if i do not know somebody, it could be due to the fact that MQM is one of the largest parties of Pakistan in terms of sheer party workers. forgive me.

    i must say that anyone who does crime should be punished, and there could be bad elements in MQM itself. MQM claims that they have literally fired 1000s of kaarkuns and have long list of people who never lived up to accountability. I have no information on Ajmal Pahaari so I cannot call him hero or villain. but the sheer amount of propaganda raised on this forum just makes me feel disgusted at times. i love it when people criticize MQM on points basis, but many people have just made a joke out of it all.

    Posted 4 years ago on 12 Apr 2011 4:41 #
  48. Salam

    یہ سفاک قاتل دس سال پہلے بھی پکڑا گیا تھا

    متحدہ والوں کو کھلے دل و دماغ سے جے آئی ٹی کی رپورٹ پڑھنی چاہئے

    صرف قائدین ہی نہیں بلکہ یہ قاتل اپنے ذاتی مفادات کی خاطر بھی قتل و غارت گری میں لگے رہتے تھے

    لیکن جب کوئی شخصیت پرستی میں لگا ہو تو تمام منطق و دلائل ناکام ہو جایا کرتے ہیں


    Posted 4 years ago on 12 Apr 2011 4:48 #
  49. quaidkamazaar

    well... after re-reading original post, i found out it was making allegation against Altaf Bhai for implementing a bomb attack. sorry I will just never ever buy that. Altaf Bhai is not such a man. you guys say he is killer Indian RAW agent falaana dhamaaka but this is too big of a stretch lol... you are most welcome to disagree as always.

    Posted 4 years ago on 12 Apr 2011 4:56 #
  50. Hussain Farooqui

    All the political parties are vividly exposed to the public, but the public does not have much choice. They just vote whom they find comparatively better. The leadership of required stature is not available with any political party.

    Posted 4 years ago on 12 Apr 2011 5:28 #
  51. olive branch

    MQM's involvement in the target killings,bhata khori,and land mafia is the talk of the town these days.Everyone knew about it, but had no guts to talk about this ,thanks to some of the bold journalists who were audacious enough to expose the real face of MQM and ripped off the mask from their sordid and despicable faces.MQM's genesis is based on the mumbia mafia style,and they work exactly like them with ALTAF playing the DON.They are so powerful that they break the hands which dares to write against them,scoop out the eyes,which tries to look into theirs and slit the throats which tries to defy them.
    Yesterday's story in THE NEWS- by Ansar Abasi and then last night's programme by Absar Alam were the eye openers.But, strangely the programme was not repeated.......
    The question is who is going to stop MQM ????
    Who will save Pakistan from these CANNIBALS???


    Posted 4 years ago on 13 Apr 2011 16:17 #
  52. olive branch

    I tried to open this topic but my topic was closed !!!!! I am so surprised that even on forums like this has no freedom of speech...

    Posted 4 years ago on 13 Apr 2011 16:20 #
  53. You are surprised, no doubt because your forgot your topic suits best a Hyde park, a fish market or something equivalent.

    Your topic should be focused; based on rational and logic, as a discussion among intellectuals, not political din without any aim or outcome or else such/similar topic would be knocked off the forum.

    Posted 4 years ago on 13 Apr 2011 16:30 #
  54. olive branch

    A source working in AAJ TV Head Office informed that one of most decent and popular programmes of "Aaj -Ki-Khababar" host by Absar Alam - on AAJ TV was reportedly forced to "with held " to its management by a political group of the Karachi.

    "This program which was aired on Tuesday night at 10PM and in which it was names of those target killers were disclosed who have been arrested in Karachi and belong to political parties. As per normal practice this program used to repeat following day but it is not aired so far under the alleged pressure from a political party which now a days claiming to extend its presence across the country." Source claimed.

    Insiders further revealed that even Tuesday night during the live program at some places in Karachi the AAJ TV was cut off from airing the programme.
    On May 12, 2007, a huge mob of armed men surrounded the AAJ TV building in Karachi and the channel telecasted live footage of armed men brandishing guns in front of its offices and firing on rivals in an adjacent neighborhood. As the telecast continued, the armed men turned their guns on the AAJ TV building.

    Posted 4 years ago on 13 Apr 2011 16:36 #
  55. olive branch

    sir with due respect there is nothing personal in my topic and i am only a pakistani , i belong to no political party and my heart bleeds for pakistan and i will fight against anyone who tries to harm it . if you have seen the last nights programme sir jee you do not need any more evidence.

    Posted 4 years ago on 13 Apr 2011 16:42 #
  56. That was in 2007 olive branch. What credible evidense you have with you other than words, If I may ask?

    Posted 4 years ago on 13 Apr 2011 17:23 #
  57. bsobaid

    You should be thankful olive branch as your posts are atleast not deleted.

    Posted 4 years ago on 13 Apr 2011 17:26 #
  58. Beenai

    nothing new , he has disclosed.

    Posted 4 years ago on 14 Apr 2011 8:00 #
  59. Imran Qadri

    Senate Standing Committee on Interior is also concerned about killings in Karachi and wants to look into record of MQMized hit-men's movement from MQM's south africa terror cell who are always present in Karachi whenever there is surge in voilence and target killings in Karachi.

    The panel also expressed grave concern over target killings in Karachi, as a committee member Senator Abdul Raziq pointed out that more people were killed in Karachi than US drone attacks in tribal areas. The committee directed interior ministry to submit a report on the last two years outgoing and incoming passengers at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, who visit the country for a single day or two mostly from Nigeria and South African countries. Earlier, Hajji Adeel claimed that some people of Pakistani origin from Nigeria and South Africa visit Karachi for a day or two then left and the practice is still continue for the last three years.

    Posted 4 years ago on 17 Apr 2011 10:48 #
  60. Imran Qadri

    Out of 22 target killers busted during the last month alone 20 belong to MQM Altaf, Senate's standing committee has asked for travel record of people of pakistani origin entering Karachi on a short trip(day or two) from south africa/nigeria who are coincidentally always present in Karachi whenever there is surge in violence and target killings in Karachi.Once their target of wrecking and tearing apart Karachi is achieved,these coward MQMized hitmen from MQM's south Africa terror cell flee like rats .

    During last 3 years ever since MQM joined govt for 6th time,they've killed 3400+ people,obviously only 20-30 target killers recently arrested alone couldn't have manage such a 'feat' so there were dozen of other MQMized hit men too who have gone underground in their rabbit holes,many of whom through MQM's intervention have been granted South Africa's visas and might flee..

    Posted 4 years ago on 17 Apr 2011 12:17 #

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